When it comes to finding a Halloween costume, it only gets harder as the years go by. As your career advances and life gets in the way, creating mental space and setting aside money for Halloween isn’t always easy…or a priority. Good thing our bomb ass stylist/actress friend Marlene Luciano was down to whip us into shape and show us just how fun and easy creating a Halloween costume can be. Marlene was able to put together three kick-ass looks in no time with things she would wear well past October 31st. Watch the video now and get the details below! 

For “Marie Antoinette” You’ll Need:

A set of lace gloves

A corset

Lace shorts

A voluminous dress or jacket

A choker 

For "Modern Tin Man" You'll Need:

A silver top and bottoms

Silver jewelry 

A silver headpiece (or something to improvise with)

Silver frame sunglasses

For "Bollywood" You'll Need: 

An East Asian-inspired co-ord set 

Matching accessories 

Filmed by Bryan Martinez 

Edited by Marlene Luciano

Wardrobe via NYLaurent

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