Now I know I’m not the only one who enjoys a nice evening at home with the moon hitting just right as I’m cuddled up cozy AF with my cat, Sir Puss. To all my homebody homies out there, this one’s for you.

Growing up in a Filipino household, I’ve been surrounded by natural textures and textiles of the tropics. Think: rattan rocking chairs and peacock etched mirrors framed in gold. I remember macrame being the foundation of centerpieces and high-gloss wood finishes grounding our living room spaces. I just got a flashback to my mother wearing a Batik print muumuu lounging on a tweed upholstered sofa with wooden armrests. Whoa, is this where my love for layered textures stems from?!

A home should reflect sentiment rather than what’s on trend. Decorating a living space is a huge undertaking and investment, so budgeting for big-ticket items is a must. My last apartment was definitely a work in progress for months after moving in. I don’t know about y’all, but commitment issues tend to arise whenever I shop for furniture, especially if it’s meant to last.

Since navigating through 3 different homes in the past 4 years and fortunate enough to style houses for a living, I can’t help but share some statement pieces that I’ve bookmarked based on my appetite for mixing retro and modern styles. (Side note: even as an avid Amazon shopper, not everything should be purchased online. Some of my favorite decorative pieces were picked up at a flea market or secondhand shop.) When selecting furniture, I like to stick to my instinct and only commit to a purchase if I’m in love with something—not in like, but in absolute LURVE. Aside from durability, I enjoy a functional piece of art. If a design can blur the line between furniture and sculpture, I’m sold!

Safi Floor Mirror  |  2 Marcel Narrow Wall Mirror  | 3 Big Top Ceramic Balloon Dog Bookend  |  4 Taylor Square Bone Box  |  5 Table Tiles 

Roar + Rabbit™ Geo Ottoman​  |  7 Hand-knitted Contemporary Wool Pouf  |  8 Tegan Fabric Sofa  |  9 Crescent Black Floor Lamp

10 Modern Totem Table Lamp, Large  |  11 Marte Lounge Chair  |  12 Cimarron End Table  |  13 Pier End Table  |  14 Joplin Arm Chair  | 15 Block Tufted Area Rug

By Melissa Ver

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