Whenever we step into the outside world, we have to mask up and do our part to protect ourselves, protect others, and slow the spread of COVID-19. Our current reality, or “new normal”, has definitely shifted and a face mask is now a part of our day-to-day lives. For normal, everyday folk, a reusable fabric mask that fits snugly around the nose bridge and sides of your face does the job just right.

Let face masks be another form of your self-expression! Look fly while staying safe and keeping others safe too. Check out our Hella Looks mask roundup, broken down by category from fashion and prints to deadstock/vintage and super functional.


Tia Adeola

Creator of the viral ruffle set, Tia Adeola brings that bold, yet feminine energy to face masks with rufflely designs and beautiful tulle accents.

Price point: $30 - $45

Fastener: Fabric straps

Lace by Tanaya

A Los Angeles-based jewelry and costume designer whose ethereal designs were recently worn by Beyonce in Black is King.

Price point: $35 - $120

Fastener: Ear loops and adjustable self-tie straps

Laina Rauma

A one-woman design house based in Los Angeles, Laina Rauma makes some of the sexiest nightlife and leisure looks around.

Price point: $45 - $60

Fastener: Ear loops and ski masks

Lirika Matoshi

Think glitter strawberries and stars, tulle, and rainbow chiffon. Lirika Matoshi launched her namesake line of handmade accessories in 2016 after moving to New York City from Kosovo. The limited run of face masks were made to match their signature dresses and scarves for a full head-to-toe look.

Price point: $50

Fastener: Adjustable self-tie straps


The spirit of avante-garde in an everyday mask. You’d never expect to see playful tie dye and denim ruffles in a face mask, yet you just can’t help but love it.

Price point: $6 - $35

Fastener: Ear loops and adjustable self-tie straps

By Second Wind

An independent Latinx women-owned business based in NYC. They’re known for their chain and hardware detailing and offer inclusive face sizing from x-small to large.

Price point: $55 - $75

Fastener: Elastic ear loops

Vivian Chan

Vivian Chan is inspired by and dedicated to real women, real careers, and real personalities. Their gorgeous quality is evident from their clothing collection to their face masks. They offer four different face mask shapes, including a petite fit, with an adjustable wire at the nose bridge, and two removable filters with each mask.

Price point: $30 - $40

Fastener: Elastic and fabric ear loops and adjustable self-tie straps


Autumn Adeigbo

Nigerian designer Autumn Adeigbo’s face mask collection complement’s her brand’s vibrant aesthetic with bold prints and next-level construction.

Price point: $40

Fastener: Ear loops

Printed •Pattern• People

Printed •Pattern• People is an exploration of cultures by way of fashion. They use rich textiles from world artisans and showcase craftsmanship of cultures in each piece. Each reversible mask is fully stitched and lined with a filter pocket and elastic ease loops for a comfortable fit.

Price point: $20

Fastener: Elastic ear loops

Clare V.

Bright pops of color and print, these Clare V. face masks are made for the person who has never considered blending in. The brand’s modern essence and Parisian charm is evident in each face mask.

Price point: $19 - $35

Fastener: Adjustable self-tie straps

Collina Strada

Made in New York and created by Hillary Taymour, Collina Strada exudes a fearlessly fluid attitude through its colorful, bold aesthetic and pops of unexpected details.

Price point: $60 - $200

Fastener: Adjustable self-tie straps

Bonus: She offers a free step-by-step tutorial on how to make your own mask here.


Alexis Badiyi

If you’re in the market for unique, eco-friendly masks, this is it. Each joon mask is handmade in-house in Brooklyn, New York from deadstock and vintage fabrics. Joon means “my dear” in Farsi, often in reference to loved ones.

Price point: $25 - $35

Fastener: Adjustable self-tie straps (Elastic is available upon request)

Room Shop Vintage

Room Shop Vintage takes deadstock fabric and locally sourced materials and turns them into dreamy looks to obsess over. Their masks are no different, with beautiful floral prints and matching accessories.

Price point: $18 - $42

Fastener: Elastic straps

Botanica Workshop

Straight forward and sustainable, Botanica Workshop is an independent studio based in Los Angeles making zero waste masks from organic and sustainable materials.

Price point: $7.50 - $37.50

Fastener: Adjustable self-tie straps


Graf Lantz

For every mask purchase Graf Lantz donates 10 meals to Feeding America to support the nation's food banks. Each mask is made of 100% organic cotton in a tried and tested shape for universal fit and optimum comfort, with a wide and lightweight metal noseband and filter pocket.

Price point: $22

Fastener: Elastic ear loops


With each mask purchased, a portion will benefit the International Rescue Committee (@rescueorg) COVID-19 Fund to assist refugee families in overpopulated, often neglected areas. Each triple-layered protective mask is constructed with the highest quality hand or machine washable combed cotton with a filter pocket. They offer both adults and kid sizes, and also sell face mask storage pouch for when you’re not wearing your mask.

Price point: $25 - $28

Fastener: Adjustable toggle ear loops and fabric ear loops

Discover Night

With every purchase of the 100% mulberry silk face masks, five surgical masks will be donated to healthcare workers on the front lines until Discover Night reaches their goal of 60K masks donated. The Discover Night face masks are crafted with three protective layers:

  1. 100% mulberry silk – hypoallergenic

  2. Melt blown filter – high filtration filter + non toxic

  3. 100% mulberry silk – anti-breakout + gentle on skin + moisture controlling

Price point: $55 (for 1 mask + 7 disposable filters)

Fastener: Adjustable toggle ear loops

DEUM Boutique

These lightweight, breathable, and architectural 3D masks are designed to fit comfortably over the nose and mouth with a sewn-in filter. The unique 3D shape allows plenty of air flow and prevents the fabric from excessively touching your face. The best part? You can wear lipstick or chapstick under the mask without the fabric rubbing it off! They also offer optional nose wires for folks who wear glasses.

Price point: $12.99

Fastener: Adjustable ear loops with pony beads

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