“I crave change and I fear change”

Change is one of the only constants in life. A natural phenomenon in and of itself, change moves you forward in life.

As humans, routine is both nourishing and risky. Within routine, we find stability and safety which allows us to flourish, yet it also presents the possibility of stagnation. We get stuck in those habits or accept the life we’re living just because we’ve grown used to it and now are afraid of changing elements that we’ve grown accustomed to.

One of my biggest fears is complacency. I know I personally seek changes to shake shit up and inject my life with fresh excitement. I crave change because I want to be challenged and stimulated.

Going after change is an awesome way to push your comfort zone and further your character development (turn that pain into something great!), but I think committing to a change is where it’s at. Whether it’s a fresh passion, new workout routine, or lifestyle adjustment, intention is paramount.

Cut your hair. Take a dance class. Try a new workout craze. Move out and live alone. Take a solo trip. Travel somewhere foreign where you don’t speak the language. Something as temporary and fickle as hair and appearance can and should be changed.

Whether it’s change by our own hand or changes that are out of our control, change is part of the growth process. As we move through life, we change our old ways in exchange for new ones as we gain more experience. It can be a second chance at past mistakes.

But I guess there is a downside to my never-ending chase for change, so much that I had to take a step back and rethink the source of my cravings. Unhappiness? Dissatisfaction? Fear of allowing my mind to go quiet? There’s a difference between chasing change and accepting inevitable change. Making the choice to stay still and find happiness in the constant elements of your life is hard.

I’m trying to find the balance between finding happiness in the stillness and being brave enough to lean into change – whether I wanted it or not – because I’ve found that when you put yourself out there, something beautiful usually comes out of it.

Small changes build courage to take the leap toward bigger changes. I’m taking in the small moments of joy where I can and relishing in the surprise of how good the big leaps of change feel. Each and every new experience is exposing me to new experiences I never would’ve otherwise have had.

Change challenges you – it makes you a better person.

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