We’re switching things up this time around with our 3rd playlist, and tbh it's a major treat! Sebastian Baptiste and J - H Y P H E N of Current Location have come together to make the ultimate summer playlist featuring some of their favorites from around the globe. Listen to Playlist 3 exclusively on Spotify, and get to know the guys behind Current Location below. 

HL: For those that don’t know, what is current location?

Sebastian: Current Location is an idea, a moving party, a DJ duo, and just generally a creative collaboration between myself and H Y P H E N. Current Location is so many things and will be more, so it’s hard to just pick one thing that we do because it would down play everything else we do and have plans to do.

HL: What are your favorite types of parties to play?

H Y P H E N:  My favorite type of party to play is one that is full of dancing/interacting ppl and girls feeling comfy in their best outfits.

HL: What’s the funniest thing that’s happened to you while DJing?

Sebastian: The funniest thing that has ever happened to me while Djing is a time I was playing the most fire dancehall set (I mean strangers grinding up on each other and people getting sweaty in an air conditioned room, you know?) and this girl makes her way through the crowd and yells at me to play Chandelier by Sia. I asked her to repeat herself because I couldn’t believe what I had just heard and mind you I like that song but I’m not playing that in the middle of me getting people in LA to put their phones down and grind all over each other. So she gets mad because it was her birthday or something and tells the General Manager on me, and the GM tells her if she wanted to hear bad music she could have bought out the venue and plugged in her iPod and to never speak to me again. I still smile about that till this day.

HL: What’s the best thing about DJing?

H Y P H E N: The best part about DJing is having a shitty set and someone telling you it was the greatest thing they heard. You may feel you aren’t doing your best, but then someone comes and shoots down that negativity. Happens all the time.

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