I first met NAOMI as a bartender at Blind Barber, and she is literally one of the nicest people in LA. Not annoying or try-hard nice, just confident and a refreshingly dope ass human. Over time we became friends and have even DJed together a number of times at her party Washed Silk in Highland Park. Washed Silk is always a vibe with the sounds and guest DJs that NAOMI and her partner LALA curate. NAOMI’s deep knowledge of R&B (past and present) is intuitive and just what the doctor ordered for a Sunday night out dancing, which is why I’m super stoked that she curated a playlist for us this month! Listen to Playlist 4 on Spotify now (and for the rest of summer tbh), and get to know NAOMI below.

What made you start Washed Silk?

Working in nightlife and hearing people DJ, I realized there was a gap in aesthetic that I got and I felt Washed Silk could fill that gap.

When is the next Washed Silk?

Next Sunday, August 25th.

What is your earliest memory of falling in love with music?

Definitely listening to the Gap Band with my dad. Our favorite song was You Dropped the Bomb On Me.

When did you start to shape your individual taste in music?

I was probably 12 or 13, it was because my brother was into really cool music. I decided to become a collector as well, I started ordering CDs whenever my mom would give me money. My brother listened to a lot of Hip Hop and I obviously love Hip Hop, but I think my own aesthetic came about when I started listening to Portishead, Bjork, and even Dee-Lite...that really got me into electronic music. 

What is the vibe of this playlist?

Obviously, Black excellency! I think I just tried to find some deeper cuts off of albums that I love that I felt needed to either be revisited or celebrated anew.

words by Neijah Lanae

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