Calm, cool, and fresh as fuck. That’s how I’d describe the always stylish and effortlessly composed Michelle Pabon aka SPICEY MILK. From spinning at venues like The Ace, Tenants of the Trees, and The Hollywood Roosevelt, to curating her own night called Citrus, Michelle’s love for nightlife and holding space for creative expression runs deep. We got to pick her brain on what inspires her most and how her journey with music has evolved over time. Check out the full interview below and listen to her playlist on Spotify ASAP.

What is your earliest memory of falling in love with music?

There was no "start point" for me, it was always there. From the vinyls and cassettes that were part of the family household, to the CD's my older brother used to collect, to the mix tapes I used to burn for friends in school, to all the parties I went to as a teen with a fake ID. It was all important - all those memories - a culmination of events.

Who inspires you most?

All my peers inspire me most–people who keep pushing their limits and boundaries, dedicated to getting their voice and sound heard, pouring themselves into their craft, constantly creating and feeling alive in the moment.

How has your taste in music evolved over time?

I was always such a club-ready individual, 4 to the floor! Enjoying stretched out silence in between notes is quite enjoyable for me now. I keep my ears open to different genres, languages, uncomfortable sounds and tones–constantly staying curious and open to change. 

What made you want to start DJ-ing?

Experiencing living abroad in Europe and going to raves, it came naturally as I was very fixated on club culture. I wanted an outlet to express myself too, besides being on the dance floor, for music to mentally take me somewhere else, to play all my favorite songs that no else was playing, and to make people lose their minds even for just a BLISS.

What is the vibe of this playlist?

I spent the last month of this summer away in Europe. These are some of tracks I had been listening to while away. The taste of orange & lavender sunsets, the bustle and sweat of the nights out in the street, the "I'm deep in my thoughts at 4AM” vibe, a mix of it all. 

words by Neijah Lanae

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