"My heart is an open book that I want all to feel comfort in" - Ari Surya

Multi-disciplinary artist and friend of Hella Looks, Ari Surya has melted her various talents together to create her upcoming zine, Rising to the Sun. Releasing this Saturday with a celebration in it’s honor in Los Angeles (RSVP HERE), we got Ari’s take on the intention and weight behind this project's meaning. 

Rising to the Sun is an expression of growth, self-exploration and realization. Ari Surya details every emotion that's shaped her existence with the intention to inspire others to expand spiritually and emotionally through their own life experience. This zine is for the person who's suffering, the person finding their way, and the person who's overcome it all. She worked with other Los Angeles creatives to help bring her vision to life, including Breeana Nykole, Annessa De La Cruz, Hadas, Blair Mahya Quinones, and Erin Pea. Each piece was hand selected to share Ari's story in a way that conveyed it best. 

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