Personal style is something that I’ve always been fascinated with––seeing the ways that different people work with what they have to present themselves to the world, whether intentionally or unintentionally. From the moment I met Aurielle Sayeh, I’ve admired her style, her transparency, and the way she carries herself. She’s achieved so much in her multi-hyphenate career and has remained authentic through career highs and life’s tougher times. We got a chance to pick her mind about all things personal style, her approach to it, and maintaining a strong spirit underneath it all.

HL: Who/what are your biggest style inspirations? 

AS: I think my biggest style inspirations are from the past. Old singers and actresses. I really love Sade, Julia Roberts and a lot of comfortable

styles from the 90s. But I am also moved by color when dressing. As I get older, being comfortable and simplicity move me. Also clothes that can hide things you don’t feel so great about at times with yourself. My beginnings in exploring fashion really stemmed from modeling. I was more attracted to the streetwear jobs I had than the girly, sexy styles. Streetwear just seemed authentic to the kind of girl I am. 

HL: How has your style evolved over time?

AS: As I was saying above, I feel like age has a lot to do with evolving. I have never 100% put a lot of effort into fashion. It’s just a hope-to-get-lucky-sometimes kind of deal for me. The real me wears Walmart Hanes black or grey sweatpants mostly everyday with a white tank top or tee shirt. But, I have fun with clothes depending on my mood. Most of the time my sneakers are where I start because I care more about them than clothes. I will admit as you get older, you want to dress to feel ways. To feel womanly, to feel confident, to feel secure in weight you’ve gained or how your body has changed or to feel creative even.

HL: How do you stay true to yourself and your own style while also managing your brand and career?

AS: Well this is always so hard! I’ve been grieving my mom passing all year and I have found work keeps my mind busy. But on the flip slide, I honestly don’t feel like myself this year! I don’t care about things I used to care about ie; Instagram, fit pics, shooting, influencer events, fashion weeks. I don’t care. If things are sent my way and go well organically or if I wake up feeling great and want to take a photo, I do. But I’m not strategically working towards that anymore. 

My real work has deep meaning for me and I’m hoping my brand will just scream authenticity, but also make people feel that it’s okay to feel human. Some of my favorite people to follow are just real and not perfect or trying to portray that. They make me feel hopeful, so I just want to pass that on and I think it helps to take time away when you aren’t feeling yourself to just observe and come back stronger later with your message. 

So to answer the question directly, I stay true to myself and my style by doing 4 things:

1.) Resting

Take rest/do self care. When you can’t, you can’t. Don’t feel guilty.

2.) Observing and Learning

If I don’t know how to do something I wanna do, I learn. I read. I try.

I also observe people that are doing things I admire well.

3.) Trying to Not Self Sabotage

Sometimes I’m a lazy bitch and have to put myself in check.  

4.) Reinventing

Exploring things that excite you. For me, it’s color, art, music, and makeup. 

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