My music feels like "a moment of sunshine on a gloomy day."

If I could have a heart-to-heart with an artist (dead or alive), it would be "Prince."

"My aunt’s funeral" was the moment I knew I wanted to create music. "She pushed me to

record my first song at age 15 and always followed her heart."

Neijah Lanae sings with the soul of a woman with a thousand years already in her back pocket.

The Oakland-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter has a hauntingly beautiful way of layering meaning into her lyrics. It’s her own kind of magic designed for you to uncover deeper significance with each listen.

Her road to music started early. Neijah began singing at a young age, deeply influenced by her mother and aunts, who were also musicians. She was accepted as a Vocal Music student at the Oakland School for the Arts (attended by artists Kehlani, Zendaya, and Adrian Marcel), where she studied classical music, jazz, music theory, vocal technique, and piano.

She performs monthly at her self-founded Girls Art Show at Leiminspace in Chinatown, Los Angeles. On an even more exciting note, she just released her compelling new single “WONDER” on April 5th. It’s now available on all your favorite streaming sites.

“‘Wonder’ is a song that I have been working on for over a year. I wrote it about the uncertainty of pursuing your purpose and how powerful the mind can be in helping make sense of that purpose. I found myself repeating a cycle with my music, where I let insecurities and doubt overshadow my confidence and pride for my purpose, ultimately realizing that I had the power to pull it together and live in the now,“ says Neijah.

What’s coming next for the musical maven? A complete EP later this year. Stay tuned (it’ll be worth it).

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